How are brands showing kindness during the COVID-19 crisis?

Stories of people emptying supermarket shelves or arguing over the last packet of toilet rolls can paint a bleak picture of the coronavirus outbreak. But in the past week attention is turning to the ways in which brands are responding to the coronavirus crisis.

Here we applaud just some of the brands which are doing their best to support their communities and customers:

Allbirds, the San Francisco-based sustainable footwear company, announced Friday it is supporting healthcare by donating shoes to anyone who works on the front line in healthcare. Allbirds has since announced they have sent out $500,00 worth of shoes and will now split the cost of donating a pair of Wool Runners with its customers, with a ‘buy-one-give-one’ option.

The beauty brand L’Occitane has been sending hand creams to hospitals to soothe hardworking hands and inviting NHS workers to collect them for free from stores. Now stores have closed, L’occitane has announced they have reassigned some of their facilities to manufacture 70,000 litres of hand sanitizers, donating them to the health authorities and healthcare workers in France. In their ongoing efforts to support healthcare workers, since February they have donated more than 40,000 units of moisturizing lotion to hospital workers in Wuhan and Shanghai, in China and to the Korean national medical association.

Music streaming service Bandcamp announced it would be waiving its revenue share on all music sales to support the artists across the industry who have seen all upcoming tours and gigs cancelled. The platform normally takes 15 percent of each digital sale and 10 percent of each merchandise purchase. Buying music on Bandcamp is a way to quickly and more directly put money in a musician’s pocket.

These generous moves allow brands to show a compassionate side and will plant themselves more firmly into people’s hearts and minds. We are all bombarded daily with an information overload from every direction, but brands doing something genuinely admirable for the greater good of society can cut through the noise. Brands demonstrating such generosity and practical help is an opportunity to be rewarded down the line.