Proactive integrated media planning and buying at its best.

Curiosity works.

That’s our motto at McCann Media (AKA UM Birmingham). And we demonstrate it in lots of different ways. It applies to looking for new media to test, new targeting opportunities or research initiatives. We have it in mind when we buy all media. From posters to PPC, and SEO to Cinema. And we apply it to every type of media strategy. From Direct Response to Brand Awareness and everything in between.

Our team prides itself on our passion, enthusiasm, expertise, honesty and commitment to accountability. We proactively seek success for you and your business. And it works everywhere. Every client, such as Vax, DHL, Network Rail or Anglian Home Improvements, have bespoke strategies in place across the full awareness and direct response spectrum. Other brands, such as Hitachi and Dexcom have additional international requirements. We have the experience to deliver on all these goals and more.

And another thing. You’ll find our commitment to client service excellence doesn’t increase or decrease with budget size. We will never use lower-range budgets to blood junior team members. Every single client has at least one senior member of our team working closely on your business.

In the media team, every penny of your budget is sacred and spent as if it were our own. And every client success is most definitely celebrated in the same way.