Tasty Treats for a Great Cause

Published on May 3, 2018

Home cooked Victoria sponges, chocolate brownies, marmalade cake and crunchy biscuits were among the many tasty home-made treats on the menu at McCann Birmingham, as part of a staff-inspired charity cake sale to raise funds for the Marie Curie Hospice in Solihull.

One of a year-long series of money-raising events being undertaken by McCann employees and management, there were only crumbs left at the end of the cake sale day as McCanners enthusiastically handed over their cash to scoff the wide range of delicacies which were lovingly baked and donated by staff.

Rhian Sprague, who helped organise the cake sale event, says: “Our local Marie Curie Hospice needs over £7,000 to run every day and McCann has pledged to raise that amount across 2018 from a series of fun events. The only person to miss out was our CEO, Dean Lovett who is on a sponsored diet! All departments donated their spare time to baking something and it was a great way of bringing the staff together. Everyone loves cake so we couldn’t go wrong really.”

The day-long sale raised £230.